How It Works


Dinner Thyme Solution is passionate about bringing quality time back to your dinner table.  A busy lifestyle shouldn’t mean compromising on taste or nutrition, that’s why we’re committed to using family tested recipes and only the finest and freshest ingredients in our dinners. 


Each month, choose from a selection of 14 new recipes and tell us how you want to get them.  The Choices are simple:


  • Order your selection and join us in our our prep kitchen to assemble yourself
  • Order your selection for pickup at our location
  • Order your selection for delivery within 10 miles


When you are ready to cook, thaw safely in the refrigerator and cook according to instructions. You will love saving time and money not to mention your sanity.  We offer 2-serving, 4-serving or 6-serving size entrees. We focus on the main protein of your meal and include a side of vegetables, pasta, rice or potatoes. Your family will love the delicious home-made dinners.  You will love leaving the planning, shopping, prep work, and cleanup to us!



  • Select a meal package
  • Select your families favorite entrees
  • Select your session or pickup date and time
  • We look forward to seeing you at your scheduled session or pickup time 



Upon arriving at your scheduled session, you will cycle through the individual entree stations to assemble your dinners.  All of the ingredients are pre-chopped, simmered, sautéed, and ready to go.  Just follow our recipes and have fun assembling theentrees to your family’s taste -- Love garlic, add some more. Don't care for mushrooms, leave them out.  After each station, label your entree and place it in our glass door refrigerator. For maximum food safety, all food will be stored below 40 °F while in our kitchen.


Need help?  Our staff will be happy to lend a hand.


While creating your entrees, chat with friends, or get to know your neighbors at the nearby stations. 


When you finish assembling your order, we'll pack them into your cooler, boxes or laundry hamper, for you to immediately take them home.


At home


Place all your dinners in the freezer or put several in your refrigerator to enjoy within a few days.

Come back to see us monthly or as needed.


Our promise


Dinner Thyme Solution meets and exceeds all food safety standards established by the health department so your experience will be as safe as it is fun.  


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