Simplify Dinner Time with Dinner Thyme Solution...
  ...where we do the menu-planning, shopping, chopping and cleanup.


You simply come to our kitchen and in less than 2 hours, assemble 8-12 delicious entrees to your taste using fresh healthy ingredients. Take your ready-to-cook dinners home, store in the freezer, then cook as needed.  New menu every month adds delicious variety to your family dinners.   We will even assemble your order if you don't have time to come in for a session.  Delivery is also available.



When trying to place an order, if you see a pop up message that says something like, "only certain web browsers like Mozilla, Firefox are supported... contact us directly", please ignore the message and click on the package you want and proceed with your order.  The message is in error and we are working on getting it omitted.  Sorry for the confusion

     I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful your food is and what a great experience I had preparing it!  Before finding Dinner Thyme Solutions, cooking for myself was a dreaded task that had become a boring rotation of salads and organic, over-priced frozen meals from the grocery store.  After eating only 3 of your entrees (haven’t gotten to the others yet!) I will never buy another frozen meal from the grocery store.  (I even threw out the one frozen meal I had left in the freezer, which is telling as I am very frugal but didn’t even hesitate in throwing it away.  I didn’t want to waste my tastebuds on something tasteless when I had your dinners in my freezer!)

      Your food is fresh, with perfectly balanced seasonings and the serving sizes are spot on.  The cooking instructions are simple and straight forward.  I find it to be a wonderful reward to come home from a long day teaching and know that I can cook up a fantastic meal with little time or effort.

      As for my experience preparing my entrees at your store, it was fun and fast.  8 mini entrees prepped, packaged and me out the door in an hour.  Wow!  I brought my mom and we had so much fun.

     You are a hidden gem in Boise!  But not for long because I plan on shouting it from the rooftops, “Dinner Thyme Solutions is your solution to enjoying a wonderful meal while saving time and money!”  Kudos to you!!  Thank you, thank you!!  I will be back (repeatedly).    Katie M.  Nov 2013


Easter is April 20th

To help you with your Easter celebration, we have Apricot Ham Steaks and a Mexican Egg Casserole.   Our ham steaks are covered in a slightly sweet Apricot glaze and served with provided mashed potatoes.   The Mexican Egg Casserole is ready to pop in the oven and has delicious flavors from tomatoes, green chilies and cilantro. willwill

Book your April session now, menu available until Saturday, April 26th.

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To place an order from your MAC, we have found the most success if you are using Safari 6.0.5 or Mozilla Firefox 25.0.  If you are not able to place an order on-line, please call or email us with your information.  


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Gluten Free

DTS is pleased to offer many entrees that are prepared gluten free!  

Just let us know and  we will provide gluten free substitutions where possible.

Disclaimer:  Although we exercise every precaution in the preparation of our gluten free items, we cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination as we are not a gluten free kitchen. Additionally, some of the ingredients we use may have been packaged in a plant that processes wheat (gluten). If your sensitivity to gluten is life-threatening, please keep this in mind. ,  ,