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Dinner Thyme Solution has been such a big help for our busy family! The meals are delicious, convenient, and nutritious.  Our teenage daughter who has always refused to eat salad actually likes the Asian Chicken Salad, and the pork chops with peach glaze are the best I have ever had.  I love that it only takes me 2 hours to put together 12 meals- I could never do that on my own!  Becky

We had the Crock Pot Cranberry Chicken last night with the brown rice....sooooooooo GOOD!  Please...Please....Please have this again soon!  I need to make 3 or 4 orders of it next time!  Lisa 

Just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with the dinners!  We're going on 4 months now and have never eaten so well and love the variety that you provide each month.  Thank you!   Audra

I just picked up our first meals on Friday, and have to say that we will use your services a lot!  I have fixed the chicken with spicy apricot glaze and the french dip...both fabulous!  We are looking forward to enjoying a lot more of your great meals in the future.  And what a convenience it will be when we go camping up north this summer!  We will be able to put meals in the freezer in our trailer and not have to worry about meals!  Thanks, SanDee

I wanted to let you know that our family loves your dinners. It has really simplified our meal preparations.   We recently took your dinners on a camping trip and they were AMAZING.  Already having the dinners assembled and packaged made the “meal planning” aspect of our trip run smooth and without complication. This process was so much easier and faster for my family and me.  Tobie

I wanted to let you know my selections for next month. BTW... the first try with the 3 entrees that I got last week (quiche, shrimp, sticky chicken) were a HUGE hit with my husband!!! I'm so excited about your services... you have no idea.  Laura

Since it is not yet June, how do I order for June? Oh I'm very excited! Your food is wonderful and so easy to prepare and enjoy.  Karen

Just wanted to let you know that we have eaten several of the dinners and have been extremely happy!  My son loved the steak spirals and declared I should make 20 orders next time!  He also adores the lava cakes and I need to get lots more next time!  We have enjoyed the buttermilk chicken, the Chile lime tilapia and the meat loaf…tonight is turkey burgers!  I will be ordering new dinners tomorrow just need to figure out what day is good to come in!  Thank you!  Lisa A

I don't know what I would do without your wonderful dinners, they just make my life sooo much easier. And its always a delight to come and put them together, I look forward to my kitchen time.  Laurie

Your dinners are delicious!  Thanks for your great business.  Fiona

What a wonderful idea and one that has come in handy during the past month.  My husband was laid off from his job and the meals we purchased in late February were able to carry us over until last week when we purchased another 8 meals for March 14-April 11th.  The meals are hearty, full of flavor and the variety is spectacular. With each meal we’ve been able to feed our family of 4 for dinner and still have two-three lunches set aside or left-overs for dinner the next night.  This has helped tremendously with our grocery food bill.  I’m not purchasing a lot of different items, to only use them once for a recipe and the rest get shoved to the rear of the fridge or pantry to go bad. We’ve planned 2 meals from Dinner Thyme solutions each week and cut our grocery food bill almost in ½. There is no waste and keeps the family guessing what is for dinner.    I plan to budget in Dinner Thyme solutions from this point forward and look forward to the wonderful selections you have each month.  I hope other will choose to try your service and begin to enjoy the savings and meals as well. Diane

I just had to write you and tell you how much you've helped me! As a full-time mother of two who works at home managing 7 rental units and carrying a full-time journalism career, dinner has been a real challenge for me to say the least. A friend of mine told me about your company last year, stating that she couldn't live without you. At the time however, I assumed that I could never afford the luxury of assembled fresh meals and equated the idea to that of having my own private chef. So I decided not to call. For the next year, I struggled with coming up with new dinner ideas, new recipes and finding the time to prepare healthy meal choices. I was frazzled and started feeling resentful that I couldn't do it all. I found myself waiting until 6 o'clock in the evening to plan dinner because it was such a burden. The result usually ended up being fast food or pizza...again. I finally decided to bite the bullet and walk in to your facility to get information.
After seeing your prices, I quickly calculated the cost and found that using your services would only add a few dollars to my grocery budget every week. In all actuality, I was probably saving money because I would no longer be wasting food that I am too tired to prepare. For example, if I plan to make BLTs and soup for dinner one night only to find that I am too busy and tired to make it, the lettuce and tomatoes usually end up in the trash. With Dinner Thyme's meals, I am using everything I buy and saving myself money in the long run.
Also, when I have evening appointments or need to leave town for a writing assigment, there are always plenty of healthy dinner options in the freezer. With easy-to-follow directions posted right on the bag, I can rest easy with NO guilt, knowing that my family is taken care of while I am away.
I love the fact that I can customize my meals for flavor and that the choices are healthy, easy to prepare and fresh!  Now If only you guys did ironing, I'd be set!
Thank you so much!  Judy Christie

Just wanted to thank Dinner Thyme for helping me lose weight without even trying!  After about 2 months worth of your meals I found I had dropped at least 5 pounds.  Not much, but I didn't do anything but eat healthier by going to Dinner, just imagine if I could find the time to exercise! Thank you for this time-saving, money-saving way to eat good, healthy food!  Sincerely,  Kasey K.

The Rosemary Tenderloin is fantastic!  Each month's menu is incredible and so easy to make!  As a busy mom, flexibility in easy meal prep combined with a healthy variety is important to me  You help me be successful on both fronts.  My twelve year old (son) loves to be part of the process too.  Selecting the menu items up front and then coming with me to prepare them at Dinner Thyme. It's a fun and unique family experience all around.  Thank you!  Janet M.

My 14 year old son, Scott, absolutely LOVES your meatball sandwiches. I had to laugh when I came home last Thursday with the meals I made at Dinner Thyme.  Scott helped me unload the car and immediately asked me "Why only 2 orders of meatball subs--and where is the Tilapia meal that I like so much!"  You definitely have a BIG fan at my house.  Robin N.

I don’t know about you but dinner time at our house has always been a struggle. The kids are hungry and tired from a full day of school and activities, and my husband and I are tired from a full day of work. Then when dinner is on the table, instead of thank you’s—all I hear is “Yuk, I’m not eating that!”  I tried frozen entrees, slow-cooker meals and even hired a personal chef.  The results were all disappointing – too much time, too much money and too many complaints.  Then Sandy Palmer from Eagle told me about her experience with Dinner Thyme Solution, a new type of retail kitchen where they develop the recipes, do all the prep work and provide a commercial-grade kitchen facility to put it all together.  I was desperate for a solution so I went to the website and was pleasantly surprised to see that they would also prepare up to 12 meals for you for a nominal fee of $25.00.  I was so excited!  I called and placed an order that day.  The food has been great, and most important the kids love it!  It’s a healthy, fast alternative and it also has brought my grocery bill down. We’re eating dinner as a family again without all the complaining.   This may not be for everybody but I highly recommend giving it a try.  Thanks Sandy and Dinner thyme Solution--you have been a life saver!.
Robin Charlesworth_Bazaard
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I just wanted to say, that after trying all of the competitors, DinnerThyme Solutions is far and away the best!  You have the freshest food in town, the most organized, functional workareas, friendliest and most helpful staff, and the food is to die for!  My family absolutely loved the chipotle quesadillas, the asian chicken salad (loved the no sugar dressing!), and the Balsamic chicken was the best we've ever had!  Thank you so much for providing this service, giving us excellent homecooked food and allowing me more quality time with my family.  Thanks, and you will see me back again and again.  Lori S.

All I can say is WOW!  Everything about your menu items is top notch.  I am so impressed by the quality of the ingredients that are used in all the recipes.  In addition, I found the servings to be quite generous—and I even split my recipes because we have a small family.  It’s so wonderful to just go to my freezer and pick out a main course for dinner and then all I have to do is add a side dish.  It makes me feel like I’m doing so much more than just heating up convenience food—it’s food that’s convenient, yet nutritious and extremely tasty.  I’ll be back, again and again. 

Thanks for sharing your family recipes with us!  Debbie F.


 I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our Dinner Thyme meals.  Before coming to Dinner Thyme I used another meal preparation business for a few months.  The meals I've found at Dinner Thyme are very similar to the meals I would cook at home, light, without heavy sauces or casseroles.  My family has really enjoyed them, including my husband and kids.  In fact, my daughter said, "They taste more like real food (than the dinners I had brought home from a competitor)."  Susan M.

I just made the spicy garlic shrimp last night and LOVED it!!  It is soooo good!  Wow!  I have already picked out my meals for this month! Looking forward to coming again! DeEtte H.

John had the best time and wants to come back again and again - you were terrific Nancy helping him pull the meals together so proud when we left...he said as we were walking to the car "Hey mom, I'm a chef now" :)  So nice...he loved it...Also, that night I had company over and served the chicken with sun dried tomatoes with capers, the broccoli and grapes salad and of course the Molten Lava Cakes...they all loved it!  I was mentioning to the other moms the experience John had and they want to bring their kids now too - great option for we working mom's to do something fun with our kids :) Janet M. and son, John (age 10)

We had our Lemon Grass pork chops last night and they were wonderful!!!  Garrett played a late game of Lacrosse (and won), so we got home close to 8:30 pm.  It was so easy to just grab the bag, throw them on the grill, and we had a delicious meal!  I didn't use the rice, as I had some angel hair pasta that would be quicker to make, so we were all eating within 15 minutes after getting home.  That was such a time-saver.  Our mouths were watering just with the aroma from the grill.  Thanks to you and Nancy, my meals are so much easier, quicker, and have a variety my family really enjoys.  Cindy C.

We just had our first entree, the crock-pot pork with green chilies and tortillas.  It was fabulous!!!  My son made a pig of himself.  You'd think he hadn't had a good meal in awhile.  Hmmmmm....  Now everyone is excited about the other meals in the freezer.  Sharon D.

Hey! Jer and I have a new favorite that we LOVE - it's the Asian Steak Spirals. I got 2 orders and they are gone... please bring back!!! Soon!!! :)  Jamie

“After attending one of your sessions, I overheard my son, describing the whole Dinner Thyme process in great detail to his Dad and talking about how cool it was.  This is a HUGE compliment from him!!!   We LOVED the tilapia!!!  Three sets of thumbs up!!”  Pam T. and sons, Cole and Lyle McCormick  (ages 12)

Sherri B. served our food at her recent dinner party and said … “It was awesome, I love you guys! All my friends and everyone I know are getting/have gotten the brochure! And I'm planning to come back next week!!!!  Thank you so much.”    Sherri B. (boisehousehunter)

"Your meals are actually helping with my weight loss!  I eat a light breakfast, a simple lunch, and look forward to your nutritional gourmet dinners. I always put family first like many moms. With a new baby who demands all my time I have little to no time to myself.  Thanks to your meals, I can put a little more time to myself and continue to reach my weight loss goals."  Querida W.

Dinner Thyme Solution has changed my family's life!  All 12 meals were wonderful!  Thank you!  Debbie H.

The meals are just out of this world!  I feel very fortunate to be able to share some of your family’s recipes with my own friends and family.  That’s so unique in this age of “franchise” where all the food tastes the same.  Sue W.


“OMG!! The honey lime chicken was awesome - big hit with the family and just the right amount of food!!! The lava cakes with ice cream, Dove Hot Fudge and Hershey's caramel sauce were to die for - better than Chili's lava cake and Chili's was the best in town.” Jamie O. 


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